SOUL JUNK immerses its audience in a 3-channel audio / video installation that explores raw emotions, power & intent conveyed & betrayed by the human voice & facial expression. In the age of the selfie, Soul Junk places people inside a mind at work. Soul Junk juxtaposes emotionally raw insights and confessions about family trauma, love and loss with observations about the cocksure attitudes of those in power. Narcissistic & patriarchal behavior is probed, exposing the political, economic & ethical landscape of our time, where decisions by power brokers in government or corporations prevail at the expense of individuals, families, & communities.

Supported by Queens Council on the Arts, QAF Award
Wappen Field is a sculpture and sound installation comprised of 12 chrome plated steel helmets resembling face guards. Each helmet’s dedicated speaker transforms the sculptural installation into an immersive audio environment. Vocal recordings, from seven diverse performers, created for Wappen Field by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, are composed by Michelle Jaffé and spatialized algorithmically by David Reeder in SuperCollider. The visual and sonic configuration explores humanity’s inclination to arm, clothe and conceal, exposing the strategies we adopt to belong and protect ourselves from pain or annihilation. Armor is probed as a metaphor for public and private personae. The tribalism and militarism of our current social space is on full display.

Over time I have come to understand, Wappen Field is my deeply considered meditation on 9/11. Supported by NYSCA & NYFA.
Tea with Estelle is a webisode series in which she grapples with contemporary political events.
InEquality (#4) Estelle talks about post Brexit England, University Fees, Oxfam Scandal, the rise of Inequality, lack of Opportunity.
Anyone Can Apply for the Job (#3) Estelle thinks about the character worthiness of Trump as the potential US President.
What to Make of It?  (#2) Estelle contemplates her upcoming visit to New York, prior to the 2016 US elections.
Days & Confused  (#1) ruminates on the choice Estelle has made in the days just after "Brexit" when the UK voted to exit the EU. 

Neural: Cleave is adapatable. It is at times a 2 or 4-channel audio installation and  at other times a 5.1 Surround Sound installation. Neural: Cleave explores raw emotions, power, and intent conveyed and betrayed by the human voice. A woman offers deeply personal ruminations alongside observations about politics and society.  
In contrast to our highly mediated lives Awakening offers a moment to be present for an everyday occurrence, which so many beings on the planet, certainly city dwellers, no longer have much access or relationship to. Awakening documents the arc of coyotes, ravens, birds, insects, geese, and frogs greeting the day on an October dawn in deeply rural New Mexico at Walter de Maria’s “Lightning Field”.
The Booth Project is a Sound Work, installed in a Telephone Booth, as part of the Electro Acoustic Music Festival at Brooklyn College in April 2005. It is the final work I composed in MaxMSP at the end of my year as Artist-in-Residence to the Computer Music Department at Brooklyn College, New York.