The Cod Variations series riffs on medieval cod pieces or contemporary jock straps, worn as a protective devices. Some cod pieces combine with the shape of the torso, where the exaggerated line evinces the hubris of a nation, at the juncture where it meets the comic, suggesting the Logo and caricature of the Cartoon Action Hero. These works conflate contemporary politics with medieval history.

My sculpture distills the visual language of clothing to its essential form. Clothing, possessing its own grammar and syntax, is examined for its psychological potential to question the signals we send both consciously and subconsciously. I am interested in how we display and mask the body and our selves. Clothing is explored as shelter; both psychic & architectural space. Crystallized & compact, the sculptures are psychological containers that reach deep into collective memory, while referencing design, fashion and cultural cues.

The New York Times Sunday online magazine photo essay, Subduing the Korengal Valley, marks the death of the 4000th US soldier in the War in Iraq. Each page of this photo essay balances the lead story against dynamically placed advertising, located diagonally across from it, in the lower right corner. The advertising slot is a template box, available to any company, to plug in its “Banner Ad”, at any date & time of its choosing. Ad placement is random; entirely indifferent to the content on the page. In the digital age, no one designs or monitors the page layout. As the war drags on, it seems our society, like the advertising, is barely cognizant of the daily atrocities, being perpetrated upon the Iraqi people & our own soldiers, & their families. And now in Afghanistan. Out of sight, Out of mind. Ideas and desire collide & collude into thoughtless, even callous juxtapositions. Unchecked, unfiltered. How can one comprehend the utter lack of sensitivity to the placement of brutal images of war juxtaposed next to banal advertising slogans, whose only purpose is to serve late market capitalism at home.

I work intuitively with banal materials, to coax out the sculptural qualities inherent in planar materials such as twist ties, felt, foam and aluminum rod. These works explore volumetric drawing in space, akin to musical notes, phrases and pauses, and at other moments a constellation of unexpected form is created. I work with color in a desire to find humor and joy in everyday materials, heightening awareness to the potential laying dormant in the ordinary around us. Being open to the moment, perceiving the magic and power of Now, is a way to elucidate the potential beauty of being, amidst & against the backdrop of a complex, often fearful & divided political reality.

Though absent, the form implies the body by presenting an abstracted image of an out sized female undergarment. The work evokes such conflicting primal emotions as seduction, power, and its correlative slavery, beauty, narcissism, fear, the motivating force of sexuality, the nurture of the young vs. killing of the offspring, and public vs. private persona. Who is in control, and who is on top?

In this installation I respond to the site-specific space. I draw attention to architectural elements, the eye would ordinarily dismiss, such as heating ducts, corners, windowsills, & columns. I made seventeen interventions in the space, akin to musical notes, phrases & pauses, with an eye to coax out the sculptural qualities of both the room architecture & the mundane, common everyday materials used.

Proposals for Large Scale Sculptures, some with Sound Environments.