The sculpture exposes and uncovers the body through the visual language of clothing. Clothing is explored as shelter; both psychic and architectural space. How we display and mask the body and our selves is investigated. The signals we send both consciously and subconsciously are examined.

The work presents graphic images of reduced and abstracted forms of male and female outer and undergarments. Planes of aluminum, steel, vinyl and plastic intersect to become volume and form. Line has the precision of drawing. Though absent, the form implies the body. The sculptures act as a locus of distilled images. They are the occasion where complex visual systems of reference and meanings meet and overlap. The encapsulated images reveal primal emotions such as: seduction, power, and it’s co-relative slavery, beauty, narcissism, fear, the motivating force of sexuality, the nurture of the young vs. killing of the offspring, and public vs. private persona. In the new series “Cod Variations”, the exaggerated line evinces the hubris of a nation, suggesting the Logo, Branded Identity, and caricature of the Cartoon Action Hero.

I explore clothing for its psychological potential to reveal deeper truths. Possessing its own grammar and syntax, clothing is an important component of our elaborate visual terrain. The eye processes visceral information intuitively and experientially, before we become verbally articulate & conscious of what we have apprehended. I am interested in the precognitive state of mind.

work exhibits a formal clarity and restrained reserve. Reduction of form and economy of means, leads to iconic images. The images pivot on the edge where abstraction and representation meet. The sculptures gain strength from their location at the juncture, where form, reduced to its essential elements, is evocative, suggesting multiple interpretations and connotations. Crystallized and compact, they are psychological containers that reach deep into the collective memory, while referencing design, fashion and cultural cues.